Benefits of Cloth Diapers

benefits of cloth diapers
best cloth diapers

Many types of diapers are available in the market. Why you choice the cloth diapers among all types of the diapers? What is the benefits of cloth diapers??  It is a very simple question and anybody can ask you this question. Do you know the benefits of cloth diapers? To give the answer of this question you have to know the benefits of the cloth diapers, that convinces you to use the cloth diapers. The details benefits of the cloth diapers are given below-

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Saves our valuable money

This is the best benefit among the all benefits of cloth diapers. Initial prices of disposable diapers are a little bit of lower than cloth diapers, but if we consider for long time use then Cloth diapers are more profitable than disposable diapers.

It is found from a research result about the  lifetime diapering cost of a baby-

A baby needs approximately $1800 if he uses Pampers Swaddlers disposable diaper. He needs approximately $2,200 if uses Bamboo nature premium diapers. Beside that,

A baby can use approximately $400 if he uses Flip Hybrid cloth diaper. He needs approximately $800 if uses Rumparooz G2 cloth diaper. You have to spend more $600 for cloth diapers  (Electricity bill of the washing machine-$50, Laundry detergent- $150 and if you want to use  flushable liners- $400). So, you can save  approximately $800 if you use Cloth diapers instead of disposable diapers. Moreover, You can save more money if you use these cloth diapers for your next babies.

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Best for baby health

All parents are very much conscious about their baby health. They give priority first about the baby health. Disposable diapers are one kinds of industrial product. Like all other industrial products, in the disposable diapers may be hidden chemical. Our babies skins are too much sensitive. Cloth diapers are free from fragrance, lotions, or latex, which are the main source of diaper rashes and other skin diseases.

Environmental benefits of cloth diapers

The environmental impact is the big factor at present all over the world. A disposable diaper user through around 8 diapers a day, they create a lot of waste every day.  A studies have shown that over 90% of people in the USA buy disposable diapers for their babies and toddlers. If we calculate, almost 28 million disposable diapers in the USA alone are thrown into the garbage each year. To give you a better idea, this would weight almost 8 billion pounds! This is enough to fill up an entire football stadium.

Imagine having to bury that? I know I certainly wouldn’t volunteer for that job. Whilst it’s true that rubbish thrown away decompose eventually, but keep in mind they are buried into the ground. They have not any opportunity to expose to the sun, so they have the potential of lurking around under there for thousands of years before eventually disappearing. So, environmental impact is one of the top benefits of cloth diapers.

Absorbency fact

Absorbency is the most importantly more than all benefits of cloth diapers. At present, all types of diaper companies, whether disposal or cloth diapers are producing their diaper with special care to prevent moisture because moisture is the main source to attack the baby skin. Disposal diapers rely upon petrochemical (Super Absorbent Polymer) to absorb the moisture and Cloth diapers use insert to absorb the moisture. Cloth diaper inserts are made from various cloth materials like cotton, hemp, and dry synthetics. It is very important that if you want to save your baby from diaper rash and other skin diseases you have to ensure the best absorbency ability of your baby diapers, whether disposal or cloth. Our recommendation,  Flip Hybrid, and its Stay-Dry insert are the best.

Leakage of diapers

Diaper leakage one of the important factors. If the diaper was leaked then the pee can come out very easily. So, we have to be conscious of the leakage of the diaper. As our recommendation,  the Rumparooz G2 is uniquely designed with double-gusset which is best.

Comfortable to use

We have to keep the keen eyes about the comfortable to use the diapers. Fabric quality and softness are the main reason of comfortable. If you see the diaper remain enough soft and cozy after washing several times, then you can ensure your diaper is enough comfortable for your baby. Flip Hybrid and the Rumparooz G2, are the best comforts diapers as our recommendation.

Easy to use

Many parents want to use cloth diapers when they think the money saving fact and environmental fact of cloth diapers, but finally many of them do not use the cloth diapers when they think it will be very hard to use and maintain. At present, cloth diapers are very much easier to use.

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