Best cloth diaper storage solution for your baby

There are mainly two types of diapers available in the market, disposable diapers and reusable diapers also known as cloth diapers. Cloth diapers are eco-friendly, saves a lot of money, and this is why parents are leaning towards it more. Once you have decided you are going to use cloth diapers for your baby, the worry does not end there. One of the most important question that pops in your mind is, “what is the best solution for cloth diaper storage?” How are you going to store your baby’s diapers without ruining them? Don’t feel worried because a lot of moms struggle with the same concern as well. This is why in today’s article we will talk about cloth diaper storage and how to store cloth diapers without ruining them.

Diaper pails are used to store soiled diapers. Wet, wet/dry bags are used to store soiled and dry diapers when you are out of your home. There are various ways to store your baby’s cloth diapers. Organizer bags, shelves, drawers, etc. are the most popular accessories that helps you to keep your baby’s cloth diapers organized and sorted.

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Things to consider while choosing a cloth diaper storage:

A cloth diaper storage is an absolute essential when it comes to cloth diapering. But buying the first organizer that comes in front of your eyes is not the right option. Here are a few things you should remember while choosing a cloth diaper organizer for your baby:

  1. Space: Before you invest in an organizer, it is important that you understand and analyze the space in your home. Keeping the organizer in your baby’s room is the most perfect option as it will be right in front of your eyes and you do not need to run to another room to get a fresh cloth diaper every time. If it is a caddy organizer, keeping it under the baby’s crib will also allow you to save space.
  2. Baby safe: You certainly do not want to hurt your baby by keeping something dangerous around him. This is why it is important to keep the organizer as far as possible from your baby’s reach. If it is a drawer organizer or shelf, keep it as far as possible from your baby’s crib and reach.
  3. Usage: Buying multiple organizers that sits all around the house is not a preferable option to anyone. I am sure you do not want to do this either. This is why while you are buying an organizer, make sure it is big enough and has multiple usages. You can use it to store your baby’s cloth diapers, baby accessories like pacifiers, diaper cream, rattler toys, etc. investing in one shelf is better than buying multiple and get confused between where did you store the cloth diapers, right?

On the list mentioned below, I have handpicked a few storage options to keep your baby’s diaper stored properly.

1. Maidmax 7 tow collapsible hanging organizer:

This hanging organizer is made of non woven fabric. It has 10 different compartments along with 7 shelving units. It has a hook and loop strap on top which allows it to sit and fit tightly wherever you hang it. If you are looking for a hanging organizer, this is a great choice. You can hang it on your door. It is also foldable so it will also save you a lot of space if you are planning to stop using it for a while.

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2. Univivi hanging organizer:

This is another hanging organizer that comes with 4 large pockets and 3 PVC pockets. It is made with non-woven fabrics, and it is waterproof. It is designed with 2 L shaped hooks to grip on to your door in a tight and sturdy grip. 3 pockets are made with see-through mesh so you will be able to see what you are storing inside and you do not need to try to memorize where you stored your baby’s cloth diapers.

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3. Munchkin nursery essential shelf organizer:

If you are not into hanging shelf organizers, this is the right product for you. This nursery organizer is a shelf/drawer organizer that you can keep in a corner in the room of your baby. It has multiple storage compartments along with inserts that are suitable for storing your baby’s cloth diapers, baby accessories like diaper cream, inserts, pacifiers etc. It comes in a beautiful white color so it will not clash with your interior either. What a great deal, right?

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4. Maidmax 6 shelf hanging closet organizer:

I have already mentioned an organizer from this brand already in the beginning. But if you are looking for a smaller organizer, then this is the one for you. This organizer offers 6 shelves, 3 drawers and 3 open shelves. The drawers can be used to store your baby’s cloth diapers while the open shelves can be useful with storing baby accessories. The open shelves will help you not go through the entire shelf just to look for your baby’s pacifier. It is foldable, made of non woven fabric and comes in a very beautiful warm coffee color. It comes with 2 extra wide hooks and will grip on your door very tight.

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5. GOLOHO nursery organizer:

If all the previously mentioned organizers are too small for you, this one is made just for you. This nursery organizer is an all in one organizer set. It can be used to store your baby’s diapers, accessories, toys and even for your own usage as well. this set offers 1 Six-shelf hanging organizer, large printed bins with lids, small printed bins, slim finger clip, baby closet dividers and baby velvet hangers.

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  1. How do you store cloth diapers?

Ans:There are many ways to store cloth diapers. You can store it in caddies, in nursery organizers, in hanging organizers or even in drawer shelves. Some of the best organizers to store cloth diapers are:

  • Maidmax 7 tow collapsible hanging organizer
  • Munchkin nursery essential shelf organizer
  • GOLOHO nursery organizer
  • How do you store cloth diapers between washes?

Ans:Storing cloth diapers between washes is a hard task. These are soiled diapers, which means you will be needing something that will contain the smell and will not trap the air enough to grow bacteria on the diapers either. This is why you should buy something that is built just for this. I’m talking about hanging wet bags or diaper pails. These are designed just to store your soiled diapers without ruining them.

  • How much money do you save using cloth diapers?

Ans:Often times people say that cloth diapering saves you money. but the question arises that how much money do you actually save by switching from disposable diapers to cloth diapers? A study shows that you can save up to $1200 annually by just switching to cloth diapers.

  • How many cloth diapers do you really need?

Ans: Each baby needs different type of care. The amount of cloth diapers needed depends on the absorbency of the diaper and its insert, the size of the diaper and the age of the baby. You should keep at least 36 cloth diapers for your new born, 24 or more for an infant and at least 20 for a toddler. Buying extra is not a bad idea as you never know how many you need. However, do not buy in bulks as babies grow quite fast and buying a ton will only go to waste.

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