Best Diaper pail buying guide

best diaper pail
best diaper pail

Diaper pail is a very essential item when you will start to use diapers for your baby. It is a sealed trash where you can store your used and soiled diapers. Its specialty is that it will help to control the odor of used diapers in the pail and help to keep your home free from bad smell of used diapers. The question is, does the diaper pail can keep fully free from odor? The answer is, some of the best diaper pails are really good and its prevent the odor to come out from the pail and help

to keep our home free from used diaper odor. It is true that some odor will come out when you will open the pail to insert the next used diapers.

You can store the diaper pail beside your bed or beside the diaper changing table. If you use cloth diapers then you can store it in your bathroom also. It’s not a matter which types of diapers you are using, you can use the diaper pail for all types of diapers.

Now the question is how we can select the best diaper pail. I have finished a research about the best diaper pail last few days. In view of my research, I have found six (06) important factors to select a best diaper pail-

  • Odor controlling capacity
  • Liner system
  • Diaper disposal process
  • Diapers bag changing process
  • How many diapers, can contain
  • Price and Maintenance cost

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Odor Control Capacity

Odor control capacity is the first factor to select your best diaper pail. If the diaper pail is looking very beautiful and very cheap, but it is totally useless if it spreads odor or bad smell of used diapers in your home.

But it is very natural that, You have to open the lid of diaper pail during to throw a next used diaper in the pail. At that time, some odor can spread in the room. Except this exceptional case, your diaper pail should be totally odor controlled

Liner system

Different diaper pails use different liner system-

  • Diapers Pails own brands liner- Some of diaper pails have own brands liners. You cannot use another liner except this brands liner. Though these types of liners are very good and free from odor and bacteria but these types of liner price are little bit of higher.
  • Any liner- These types of diaper pails are money saver. You can use any types or brands of liner from the market. Even you can use rubbish bags also.


Besides these two types of liners there have another liner, its use only for cloth diaper pail. It made also by cloth and it is reusable.

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Diaper disposal process

Early in the morning, when your sleep is not fully finished, at that time if you go to insert the used diapers in the pail. You have to open the lid of diaper pail with one hand and another hand is busy to hold the used diaper for inserting in the diaper pail. It is not very easy for a sleep deprived person. Often the diapers can fall in the carpet and can spread odor.

You can solve this problem, if you select a foot pedal type diaper pail. Press your foot on the pedal, the lid of diaper pail will open automatically, insert the used diapers in the pail very easily.

Diapers bag changing process

The Diapers bag change process is one of the important factor to select a best diaper pail. Though it seems it is very easy process but it is a little bit of difficulty when you will go to change or replace the full of used diaper bag. Some diaper pail available in the market, which have very easy process to change the diaper bag

Diapers contain capacity

Diapers contain capacity of the diaper pail is a useful factor to select a best diaper pail. If your diaper pail is too small then the diaper bag can be fulfill within short time. Even it can be fulfill at midnight, which is really disgusting. Beside it, The largest diaper pail makes people lazy. A largest diaper pail user often waits to fulfill the diaper bag. As a result the used diapers, can spread a lot of odor and it is not good for the environment and baby health. In these circumstances, you can select a diaper pail as your requirement, which is not too small or large for you.

Price and maintenance cost

The initial price of a diaper pail is not the main factor, when you will consider the total lifetime cost of a diaper pail.

In view of the above discussion, we have found some diaper pails which are really best. You can select your best diaper pail from the list given below-

1. Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail

Ubbi Steel Diaper Pail
best diaper pail

Buy now- $77.99

with free shipping

Style- 16 colors

Manufacturer- Ubbi

      key features-

  • The Ubbi Steel Diaper pail made of powder coated steel
  • Excellent odor control capacity.
  • You can use different types of liner even tall kitchen garbage bags also in this diaper pail which will help you to save your valuable money.
  • You can use cloth diapers also in this diaper pail

2. Diaper Genie Essentials Diaper Pail

Diaper Genie Essentials Diaper Pail
Best diaper pail

Buy now-  (Price $44.50)

Manufacturer- Playtex

      key features-

  • Patented AIR-TITE system with Push-N-Lock clamp helps prevent odors from escaping
  • 34 pieces newborn diapers contain capacity
  • Seven layer refile bags with barrier technology helps lock in odors and germs.

3. Munchkin Arm and Hammer Diaper Pail


Check the price Now in

Style- As pictured

Size- 3 diferent size available

Manufacturer- Munchkin

      key features-

  • Powered by odor eliminating baking soda
  • Self sealing system bag (After closing the lid)
  • One handed open system
  • Includes one refill bag and comes assembled

4. Diaper Dekor Plus Pail

best diaper pail

Buy now- $39.95 – 59.41

Style- 6 colors

Manufacturer- Diaper Dekor

      key features-

  • Foot pedal system. Totally hands free, just press the foot pedal and drop the diaper
  • Most cheap refill system diaper pail
  • Three levels of odor control system- trap door, perfumed bags and sealing system lid
  • Usable for cloth diapers
  • You can use it as a trash can

5. Diaper Champ Deluxe

best diaper pail

     key features-

  • Super Odor Control system
  • To get the best odor control performance, use the Diaper champ refill. Beside that, you can use 13 gallon trash bags also
  • 30 Diapers contain capacity
  • Foot pedal system. Totally hands free, just press the foot pedal and drop the diaper
  • One handed open system

6. Safety 1st Easy Saver Diaper Pail


best diaper pail

Style- As pictured

Manufacturer- Safety 1st

      key features-

  • Very easy to use, one handed open system
  • You can use 13 gallon trash bags also
  • You can use it as a trash can

7. The Diaper One N Done

best diaper pail

      key features-

  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Every diapers are sealed in individual bags
  • You can hang the diaper pail top of the diaper changing table to dispose the used diaper very easy
  • Made in the USA

8. Tommee Tippee Simplee Diaper Pail 

best diaper pail

Buy now- $32.99

Style- 3 colors

Manufacturer- Tommee Tippee

      key features-

  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Very compact and conveniently (contain 18 diapers)
  • Multilayer film that contains antibacterial ingredient to kill the germs and smart lid to block the odor
  • Built-in diaper disposal system
  • Great value refill cartridges

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