Cloth Diapers Leaking

It’s sad for you and your baby when their cloth diaper is leaking. There are many reasons why cloth diapers leak. It can happen for the bad quality of the diaper or for not attaching the diaper properly. But whatever the reason maybe, if you notice your baby’s cloth diapers leaking you must take immediate steps.

Cloth diapers are safe for your child. With its natural fiber material, cloth diapers are more popular among parents of healthy babies. But cloth diapers can leak frequently. If you are not properly attentive a leaking diaper can cause physical irritation for your child. If feces and urine are not properly disposed of or absorbed, it will remain in close connection with your baby’s body. As a baby’s skin is extremely sensitive, it will invite problematic skin diseases if they are not clean.

So it’s really important for you to make sure they are properly clean. Only your undivided attention can ensure your child’s comfort. If you keep close attention and maintain what I am about to say, you can hope to keep your child happy and comfortable. Always remember, without your proper attention, no amount of baby products can keep your child healthy and jolly.

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Cloth Diapers Leaking:

Cloth diapers leaking is the phenomenon, when the diaper your baby is wearing doesn’t function properly. Its purpose of keeping your baby dry fails miserably when your baby’s diapers are leaking. There are generally 3 reasons why cloth diapers leak.


The most common reason for cloth diapers leaking is the poor fit of diapers if the diaper is too tight or too loosely fit, it tends to leak. The best way to know whether the diaper is properly fitted or not is to look at their thigh. The lower parts of the diaper should fit tightly all-around their thigh without any gap. It should be comfortably attached to the tummy. Make sure the elastic of the diaper isn’t loose and see if diaper inserted properly around the baby’s body. For boys, keep in mind to point the penis centered between their legs. Too much tight fit can cause compression and result in leaking. Make a note of this too. Also, never forget to check whether you are buying the right size diaper or not. These little factors can save your child from major discomfort.


In front of your eyes, your baby will grow fast without you even noticing. With their growth, they will start to demand diapers with more absorbency. And infants tend to pee 4 to 6 times a day. Unless you want to buy tons of diapers, you should consider the absorbency of the product you are using. If the absorbency of your baby’s diaper is inadequate it will leak, resulting in a disaster. The absorbency can differ if you don’t fit the diaper properly. Here you can take the help of extra cloth. The fitted cloth around the diaper can help with absorbency.


The thing most ignored is changing time. It seems like such a futile task that most people tend to forget about it. A baby pees 4 to 6 times in 24 hours. Considering this, you should change their diaper as often as every 2 hours. If you don’t change their diapers as frequently their diaper will over absorb and start to leak. The diaper will also get heavy and this will result in mild discomfort for your child.

These are the main cause of cloth diapers leaking. Big issues can occur from this simple negligence. If you don’t dispose of diapers accordingly or allow the diapers to leak, not only will it damage your surroundings, your baby can suffer from it too. They can end up having a cold, fever, and even rash from such a minor inconvenience. A diaper rash is very common is this scenario. So it’s important to take steps and make sure you are using your baby’s diaper properly.Baby Toddler Thick, Absorbent Potty Training Pants Underwear

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What to do in case your baby’s cloth diapers are leaking:

You have already understood why it is so important for you to put attention on your baby’s leaking cloth diapers. If your baby’s potty training isn’t over yet you should consider these steps to make sure your baby’s cloth diapers don’t leak.

  • Make sure you are buying a diaper that fits well. Microfiber insert diapers can be the best option for you. Many pocket diapers are made of microfiber inserts. So it’s basically a combination of efficiency and compatibility.
  • Make sure the insert of the diaper fully covers the diaper. If the insert is too wide, it will stretch and will cause wrinkles. If it’s too short, the diaper will certainly leak.
  • The wash routines of your cloth diapers are irregular? Try to do it regularly, or it can cause defects in the absorbency of the diaper. The most trouble-free way to keep the cloth diapers clean is to put the cloth diaper into the washing machine and set the temperature to hot water. Using laundry detergent is preferable here.
  • If you notice the cloth diaper is spreading burning stench of ammonia, you should take an immediate step because it means the diaper is overloaded with urine. In this case, stripping your diapers can get rid of germ and save your cloth diapers from leaking
  • Diaper creams are the essence of diapers. But some diaper creams are so bad that they stick to the diaper and lose absorbency quickly. This results in leaking. Cloth diapers made from natural fiber can be helpful in this case.
  • Though cloth swim diapers have a waterproof layer, they can get heavy over time and leak if you don’t use it properly. In this case, you can choose a cloth swim diaper that is trim enough to be worn beneath a swimsuit. This will ensure your baby is completely out of any risk regarding the diapers leaking.

So basically these are steps you should follow if you want to make sure your baby is safe from their cloth diapers leaking. You have the most important part to play here.


How do I stop my cloth diapers from leaking?

Ans: Using proper cloth diapers such as diapers with microfiber inserts can help you. Make sure you properly fit the diaper around your baby’s body.

Do cloth diapers leak more than disposable?

Ans: Old cloth diapers leak more often. But modern cloth diapers leak less than disposables.

Why are my cloth nappies leaking?

Ans: Cloth nappies can leak for two reasons:

  1. They are not absorbent enough
  2. They don’t fit properly

Do cloth diapers soak through?

Ans: If the diapers are not changed every 3-4 hours, it can soak through. No matter what insert you use, the wetter will cause the cloth diapers to soak through.

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