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different-types-of-diapersDifferent types of diapers available in the market. Most of new parents felt some problems first time to choose the best diaper to their new born baby. It is not a very easy task at all. To avoid these problems, we are going to provide the necessary information of the most common and popular types of diapers. We believe these will help you to choice the best type diaper for your baby.

Disposable Diapers

disposable diaper

disposable diaper

Disposable diaper is the most popular all over the world. These type of diaper is very easy and comfortable to use for your loving baby. A disposable diaper is an absorbent pad with two different sheets of fabric. This absorbent pad usually has a chemical that has the capability of absorbing up to 800 times their liquid weight. What’s good as that the waste the liquid is held in the form of a gel, this is so that the liquid is kept away from the babies skin. Why is this beneficial? Because you’re able to keep this disposable diaper on your baby longer than you can with a cloth diaper without causing them discomfort at all.

Cloth Diapers

cloth diaper

Cloth diaper also the another popular diaper all over the world. Cloth diaper prove to be one of the best diaper types out there because they are beneficial and efficient. A lot of parents of the newborn babies are searching best cloth diapers for their babies. Cloth diapers are almost always created using absorbent materials. These materials include cotton fleece, terry (similar to the material used to make towels) flannel (material used to make pyjamas) and wool. In my opinion, flannel seems to be the softest material against the skin, that’s why it’s used to make bed sheets and pyjamas (nightwear)

What’s more is that Cloth diaper is more environmentally friendly than any other types of diapers on this list. That’s because disposable diapers need to be thrown away. With each individual child accumulating up to 1000 diapers before they are potty trained, you can see how using cloth diapers can make a huge difference compared to disposable ones. Price of the cloth diapers are little bit of higher than disposable diapers but, if you consider it for long time then it is much cheaper than disposable type diapers. We will discuss more about the best cloth diapers in our next blog.

Pocket Diapers

pocket diaper

Pocket diapers also a popular type diaper. It is very comfortable to use in travel. These are designed to easily fit in your pocket and be portable. They are made up from three different layers of material. The waterproof material is the outer material, it is sewn onto the inner “stay dry” material; together they create a pocket that is stuffed with a third layer, which is an absorbent diaper inside. The outer cover comes in a range of sizes.

All-in-One Diapers

All in one diaper

Using the all-in-one cloth type of diaper is as the name suggest, very simplistic. It’s a lot simpler to figure out and use than the other cloth-diapering systems because there is only one piece to this sort of diaper. Why is it simple? Because there is nothing you have to fold nor is there anything you have to add or remove. And of course, like all cloth types, it’s washable.

Likewise with all the others cloth diapers, they always end up being cheaper in the long-run. All in ones are pretty expensive (approx. $15 a diaper) but the amount of disposable diaper you’ll be buying per day you will soon be accumulating more than 15$.  Additionally, it’s easier to tell how much urine your baby or toddler is producing because of the way they are designed.

The only negative thing to say about this type of diaper is that they will remain wetter than disposables for a longer period of time. This may cause the baby to feel uncomfortable.

Which Diaper is best? Cloth or Disposable?

Some peoples like disposable diaper and some peoples like cloth diaper. Both types of diapers have some advantage and some disadvantage. Last seven days i have read a lot of topics about the merit and demerit of cloth and disposable diaper end of the day It is established that, If you consider the price and saving money then you can favor on the cloth diaper. However disposable diapers are actually more convenient and comfortable than cloth diapers, so making a decision can well just be purely on whether or not you have the budget and patience for disposable diapers.

Over the course of a few years, you can expect to spend approximately $3000 before they no longer need them. Yes, that is a ton of money! So you can see that the diaper industry won’t be going out of business anytime soon.
For those environmental friendly people out there, you can actually buy eco-friendly diapers. What’s the difference? They aren’t bleached with chlorine, but instead they are biodegradable. However, they can cost you up to $1000 more over the years, which doesn’t exactly motivate anybody to start caring about the environment, does it?

Why Cloth Diapers Are Much Less Expensive

So now that you know cloth diapers will save you more money than buying disposable ones, you may be wondering why. Well, that’s simply because you can re-wash them. Many people say that these cloth diapers are very difficult to maintain when it comes to putting them on and keeping them clean; the truth is, cloth diapers are just as easy to put on as disposable ones are. With the ability to adjust the sizing and hook/loop closures, it’s easy to see how cloth diapers are convenient and efficient.

Washing the cloth diapers at home will add quite a bit to your laundry pile, but you don’t have to ever worry about running out of diapers. Running out to a 24 hour supermarket in the middle of the night is something you no longer have to endure!

Cloth diapers, can inevitably save you around $1,200 over time.

Dangers of Using Disposable Diapers

Sure, the disposable diapers can have a ton of benefits on your baby, but that doesn’t mean to say they have a ton of benefits on everything. Interestingly enough using disposable diapers on a daily basis can have a few dangers.

The average baby goes through around 8 diapers a day, That’s right, 8. It’s no secret that they create a lot of waste, we’ve already established, they have absolutely no control over their bowls.

Studies have shown that over 90% of people in America buy disposable diapers for their babies and toddlers. If we do the maths, almost 28 million disposable diapers in America alone are throw into the garbage each year. To give you a better idea, this would weight almost 8 billion pounds! This is enough to fill up an entire football stadium.

Imagine having to bury that? I know I certainly wouldn’t volunteer for that job. Whilst it’s true that rubbish thrown away decompose eventually, but keep in mind they are buried into the ground. They have not any opportunity to expose to the sun, so they have the potential of lurking around under there for thousands of years before eventually disappearing. This is one of the reason to choice and search best cloth diapers.

Disposables Help Increase Gas Prices

For those of you out there that believe they already pay way too much for gas, well throwing out disposable diapers is only going to add to your problem. It summarizes, disposable diapers are created using a lot of oil per unit. Just imagine how much is used to create billions of them? Our oil supply s already running fairly low as it is. And let’s not forget that oiled is used to deliver these disappears to supermarkets every day. Gas will become more and more valuable over the years, therefore the price will inevitably increase.

To add insult to injury, the more oil we’re wasting on diapers, we will soon have to risk harvesting oil from the deep ocean. And we all know this won’t end well.

Top 3 Dispossable Diaper Brands

If you have already been decide to use dipossable type then you should to know the top dispossable type brands. There are many brands available in the market. There’s plenty of brands out there that focus purely on manufacturing diapers. Every manufacturer has their own features and designs, and all of tem have their own pros and cons. A lot of research has been done and now I’ll be listing the top 3 brands to buy diapers from as of writing this.

#1 Pampers

Yes pampers is the number one. I’m not sure about you, but for me, When I thnk about the disposable diaper at first i prefare world famous Pampers.  They are an instantly recognizable brand that is well known for creating some of the best diapers out there. Victor Mills is the founder of this company who founded it back in 1950. He created and tested his product on his grandchildren. They tailor to different needs for different babies. For example, for babies with sensitive skin, they offer specially made diapers with hypoallergenic Swaddlers.

#2 Huggies

Huggies is the number one Competitor of pampers. Like Pampers, Huggies are also one of the top leading brands thanks to their successful TV and social media campaigns. Main reason why they are instantly recognizable is because they are distributing in 150 countries around the world right now. This company is always coming up with new concept designs and features to improve upon themselves. Who knows what they could come up with in years to come? The possibilities are endless with Huggies!

They offer a wide variety of sizes as well. This is something that most other diaper companies don’t usually do. They offer diapers especially designed for night wear. Huggies is producing some of the best diapers and they have won several awards which is why they deserve a place on this list.

#3 Luvs

If you want to save your few money then i will tell you, Luvs can be the perfect choice because Luvs is providing to the public cheap and reliable diapers for those on tight budgets. Even Luvs diapers are cheap than huggies and pampers but they can still comparable with the Huggies and Pampers when it comes to quality. Luvs don’t offer varities qualities of products. They only offer diapers and wipes and this is the only reason of Luvs are down on the list. That means it would be wise to go with a different brand if you plan on potty training your toddler.

Other than that, this is a great brand and they produce some of the best diapers


So after going in the depth about everything diaper, you should have a better idea on the type of diapers you are want to use for your kids. Do your research and check out reviews from other parents before buying a specific diaper system.

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