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If you are a mom to be, you probably have a lot of questions. You are confused about a lot of things and looking for answers. The diaper is one of them. The first question that comes to mind regarding diaper is, cloth diaper, or disposable ones? Which one is more convenient? Which one is more useful? Today we will talk all about diapers. I assure you that, by the end of this article, all your questions will be answered.

Diapers are essential for your baby. They will be your best friend until the day your baby is fully potty trained. If you are a mom to be who is expecting her first child, you probably have no idea about which type of diapers will be the best diapers for your baby. There are mainly two types of diapers available in the market right now. Disposable diapers and cloth diapers. Let’s discuss both of them.

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Disposable Diapers

disposable diaper

Disposable diaper

If we are talking about convenience, disposable ones are most parent’s first choice. It’s not much work. You just have to change once every two hours and you’re good to go. However, disposable diapers are expensive. Your baby will use up to 2500 disposable diapers by the time, it turns a year old. That is a lot of diapers for just a year only. And if we calculate the costing, you will spend about $600-$700 just a year on disposable diapers.

Environmental impact

Disposable diapers are made out of synthetic materials like polyethylene, sodium polyacrylate. These are usually loaded with fragrances and is also bleached. Despite the convenience it offers, it is quite heavy on the climate as it is made from plastic. Most millennial parents do not like to use disposable diapers for this particular reason. As much as convenient as it sounds, it is also non-biodegradable. If one child uses about 2500 diapers annually, imagine how many diapers get disposed of at the environment annually. 

However, disposable diapers also offer an eco-friendly option as well. These are made out of biodegradable materials. Free of chlorine, latex, and fragrances as well. However, these are even more expensive. You will have to spend an extra $1000-$1200 on these in a year.

I have talked about the comfort of the parents using disposable diapers up until now. Let us move on to the comfort disposable ones offer for the baby. Disposable diapers are made out of plastic materials. They are also bleached. It offers more absorbency. Which means your baby will sit on it longer than a cloth diaper. This longevity can harm your baby’s skin. Latex and chlorine can harm your baby’s skin. And sitting on a wet diaper for a long time can also lead to rashes, itching, and irritation on his body. To avoid this, you will have to change the diaper more often. Which will lead to spending more money

Pros and Cons of Disposable Diapers


  • Easy to use
  • Convenient


  • Really expensive
  • Bad for the climate
  • Bad for the baby’s skin

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diaper

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A lot of people have a lot of opinions on cloth diapers. A lot of them think cloth diapering is still the same. You have to use safety pins and tapes like from the ’70s. However, cloth diapering has changed. The industry has evolved over time. Now they use inserts, Velcro, and microfibers. Cloth diapers are washable and you can reuse them as well. If you have a second baby at home, it is possible to use the same diapers for both of the babies. They come with adjustable systems.

Cloth diapers are made out of as you can guess clothes! They are made of absorbent materials. Various natural materials like cotton fleece, flannel, hemp, wool, etc. are used in the making. There are organic options available as well. Organic cloth diapers are made out of bamboo. These are not bleached.

Money and Environment savers

Cloth diapers cost more at the beginning. However, these are reusable so you don’t have to spend any more money after. You just need to throw them into the washer and it will be cleaned. Some parents use cloth diaper washing service. This will add lead to spending more money. But if you are willing to do the laundry by yourself, you will be able to save more than half the amounts spent on disposable diapers.

Cloth diapers last a long time so you will need to spend a good amount at the beginning only. Later it will only allow you to save more money. If you are a millennial parent who is looking for a diaper that will not harm the climate, this is the right choice for you. Most millennial parents love cloth diapers as it allows them to save more money and contribute to saving climate as well.

There are various types of cloth diapers. Below I will talk about cloth diaper styles that are the most popular. Some of the styles mentioned below need waterproof covers. Some have waterproof shells sewn into it. There are various sizes and materials to choose from. From XS to XL, you can choose the sizes according to your needs. PUL to natural, breathable wool covers, you can choose from a lot of options. You will also need inserts for some styles. Inserts can be disposable, washable, and reusable. You can choose according to your needs.

Flat cloth diapers:

OsoCozy Flat cloth diaper
Flat Cloth Diaper

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Flats are the most basic cloth diapers. It’s what has been used at the beginning of cloth diapering. It’s a piece of thin cloth than needs to be folded. It needs a bit of work as you need to be the one doing the folding. But you can choose to make it as thick as you want to. That way you can choose the level of absorbency you want. These will need extra snaps and Velcro as it’s just a piece of cloth specifically made for diapering.

Pre-folded cloth diapers:

Gerber Pre folded cloth diaper
Pre folded cloth diaper

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Pre-folded cloth diapers are a bit similar to the flat ones. However, with the flat ones, you can build the thickness. But this one comes with built-in thick middle parts. All you need to do is fold it a little and snap it in. it doesn’t come with built-in closure.

Fitted cloth diapers:

Osocozy Two Sized Unbleached Fitted Diaper
Fitted cloth diaper

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Fitted cloth diapers look a lot like underwear. They come with built enclosures. You do not need an insert with fitted ones. However, these still need waterproof shells.


Contour cloth diapers come in a more chiseled shape to fit your baby’s butt better.

You need to snap it in. It does not come with built-in closures.

Pockets/ All in One/ All in Two:

All in one diaper
All in one diaper

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These look a lot like disposable diapers. These have waterproof shells sewn into it. Pocket diapers need inserts. These inserts sit into the ‘pocket’. All in two is quite similar to pocket diapers except the insert does not sit inside of a pocket. It sits directly against the baby’s butt. All in one diapers the most similar to disposable diapers. They come pre-folded, they do not need inserts either. But all of these have bulky and heavier outlooks. These will take a lot of time to dry after washing.

Mastering the art of cloth diapering is not an easy job. It sounds confusing. It also might look a little confusing to you in the beginning. You might feel a little demotivated at the beginning. However, once you look at the convenience cloth diapers are offering you, you will be the one telling yourself, “It’s definitely worth it.”

Pros and Cons of Cloth Diapers


  • Less expensive
  • Easy on the climate
  • All-natural fabric makes it easy on the baby’s skin


  • Less absorbent
  • Not portable friendly
  • Might make you feel a little confused
  • Some styles are a little bulky, which makes it harder to dry

By now, you have probably made a decision of which diapers you want to buy for your baby. But if you haven’t yet, this segment will help you to make your decision easier.

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Water wipes for baby
Water wipes

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For disposable diapers, you will need about 320-240 diapers a month for the first year only. This can cost you about $600-$700 in the first year only. If you are willing to buy the eco-friendly ones, add another $1000-$1200 annually.

For cloth diapers, you will have to spend a little more in the beginning. A newborn baby needs about 10-15 diapers a day. Once you get comfortable with the size, materials, and mechanism of cloth diapering, you can buy in bulks. However, you will be able to save almost half of what you would have spent on disposables annually. Cloth diapers last up to two years which will allow you to save more in the future as well.

Buying guide:

Disposable diapers are available in huge quantities as well as smaller packs. Do not invest in bigger packs. You might plan on bulk buying but before do that try on different brands. Different brands offer different sizes as well as features. Try different products to see which one is working for your baby. Children grow fast. A pack of 140 diapers might not fit your baby by the time you have reached the last one. Which is why you need to buy is smaller packs. You can always run to the nearest super shop to grab a pack. 

Cloth diapers come in various materials with different levels of absorbency. Don’t bulk buy at the beginning. Read the descriptions of the diapers properly. Try out a few different brands. Try out a few different styles made with different materials. Find out what you and your baby feel comfortable in. Some cloth diapers need to be washed a few times to enhance the absorbency. Keep that in mind as well.

A lot of parents prefer mixing it up. They use cloth diapers at the house and disposable ones outside. A lot of parents are committed to cloth diapering. It is okay to feel a little confused at the beginning, but as you keep going, everything will make sense to you. Always remember that your and your baby’s comfort comes first. Whether its disposable diapers or cloth diapers, your baby needs your utmost care and attention first. Otherwise, no matter what you use, your child will never feel comfortable. After all, as parents, all we want is our children to be happy. May your parenting journey become joyful.      

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