How to Clean Cloth Diapers With Poop

If you think about using cloth diapers for your baby, then the first thing that popped up in your mind is probably the worst-case scenario. What if your baby poops in the cloth diaper? How do you clean it? Well, it doesn’t have to be an issue for you to be worried about. Now we will discuss How to Clean Cloth Diapers With Poop. Cloth diapers have been popular for a long time now. Those parents don’t seem to have trouble with dealing with the issue and after reading this article you won’t have any problem with it either.

You may worry about the diaper smelling like poop or still containing the dirt. But if you clean the diaper properly then it won’t be apparent that it ever had feces in the first place. Otherwise, your diapers will still contain germs that will harm your baby. You may even need to throw your diaper away if it’s not accurately cleaned. So apparently it’s important to know how you show clean poops from the cloth diapers. Here’s what you can do.

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How to Clean Cloth Diapers With Poop:

Before discussing How to Clean Cloth Diapers With Poop we have to know it is Apparently depending on the food habit the type of feces changes.
You are in luck if your baby is exclusively breastfed. These babies usually produce water-soluble poops. In this case, you can just rinse it with water for a bit and then throw it in the washing machine, Be careful not to mix it with any other clothes. And that’s it, the cloth diaper will be totally clean after this.

But if your baby is at the age where it is producing solid feces then it is a bit problematic. Solid poop won’t go away with only water. And even if you are able to remove the feces with water the diaper will still have the stench and a brownish mark. To remove these indications of poops you have to clean the diaper in the right manner, You can do it in two ways. You can do it with water and without it as well.

To clean the poopy cloth diaper without water:

1. Washable liners:

You can use cloth diaper liners. These are basically a thin layer of fabric that sits between the baby’s skin and the diaper. These fabrics are usually made of fleece, Minky, or cotton. Their soft surface doesn’t cause any irritation to the baby’s skin. The washable diaper liners work great to protect the diaper from solid poops, making it easier to dispose of the feces. You can get washable liners from where you buy your diapers from.

2. Disposable liners:

You can buy pre-made liners and cut them to fit the diaper. You have to place the liners inside the diaper and dispose of them after they’ve been used. But using disposable might not be the most convenient option as you have to keep buying the liners. Though liners are inexpensive, buying the fabric every month can be troublesome.

To clean the poopy cloth diaper with water:

1. Dunking the diaper:

You can clean the poopy diaper like you would wash your dirty clothes. Scrape off the poop first with a rubber spatula. Do it softly so that the bits of feces don’t get into the diaper. Remember to clean the spatula afterward. Then take a bowl of warm water and pour in some laundry detergent. Mix it well and then dunk the diaper in it. Move it around and rub the stained places delicately. After a while, the diaper should be totally cleaned.

An important thing to remember in this case is if the diaper has loose stool in it then you don’t actually need to use a spatula. It can only worsen the situation.

A problem that you will face with this method is that the diaper will soak in the water and weigh a ton after dunking it into the water. You will have to wait for the water to leave the soaked diaper. It can take a while. This is why it’s not the most effective method.

2. Perineal Bottle Spray:

You probably have gotten a peri bottle sprayer from the hospital where you had your baby. You can use this perineal bottle to get the feces off the diaper. The perineal bottle gives you more control over what you do and this what makes it so effective. If you can use it properly then you will be able to clean the messiest diaper.

However, there is a downside to this method. You may need to fill the peri bottle a few times before you can clean off all the poops from the diaper. Otherwise, it’s a pretty easy and convenient method. So what you can do is have a few peri bottles ready. This way you can complete the process of cleaning in one sitting.  

3. Diaper Sprayer:

A diaper sprayer works great if you know how to use it correctly. What a diaper sprayer basically does is it sprays water to clean off the feces. The water is sprayed with such force that the feces bits fall off the diaper. You can hookup the sprayer with the toilet. Similar to the dunking method, spraying will soak the diaper and make it harder to dry.

These are the most effective method you can apply to clean poop from cloth diapers. It will make your cloth diaper reusable and save you hundreds of bucks.

Things to Be Careful of When Washing:

Cleaning cloth diapers with poop is a sensitive task in the sense that you have to follow the proper method. You have to clean the diaper in the proper way, otherwise, it won’t be usable. However, there are certain factors that you should be careful about. You should totally about these things:

1. Don’t use chlorine bleach. It is too strong for soft fabrics like that of cloth diapers. It will break down the fibers and shorten the life of the diaper. It can also cause irritation to your baby’s skin.

2. Never use any form of fabric softener. It coats the fabric and greatly reduces absorbency. Even if you use “baby detergent” the diaper will lose its  absorbency and will eventually become useless.

3. Don’t forget to hang your diaper to cry after you have washed it or sprayed it with water.

4. Never put a cloth diaper in the dryer and set it to the hottest setting. The best option would be to hang it under the sun. It will help water to leave the diaper as well.

Cloth diapers are convenient, comfortable, and at the same time very delicate. Slight mistreatment can turn your diaper into a useless piece of cloth. So try to clean off the poop from diapers in the proper way and avoid these above-mentioned things.

It’s important to clean a cloth diaper properly because a dirty diaper can be very harmful.  

Risks of Not Cleaning A Cloth Diaper Properly:

You can use a cloth diaper up to two to three years. In this duration, your baby will wear the same cloth diapers multiple times. If the cloth diaper your baby is wearing isn’t properly cleaned then chances are your baby will suffer from skin problems.

 Babies have the most sensitive skin. The slightest exposure to germs and dirt can cause severe skin disease. If a cloth diaper isn’t washed properly after every time it had poop in it then chances are there are feces bits stuck inside it. And feces contain harmful germs.

An unclean cloth diaper can cause:

1. Diaper Rash:

Poops exposed to naked skin can cause irritation. Mainly the bacteria of the stool causes rashes and it irritates the skin a lot. If a cloth diaper is not cleaned properly then the bacteria stays on. This results in further harm. The bacteria can spread to different places such as the thighs, anus, and pelvic area.

2. Infection:

A simple infection can spread to the warm and moist areas of the thighs, buttocks, and genital area. The reason most infections are found in these areas is the condition of the skin. The warm and moist part of the pelvic area allows the bacteria and yeast to breed that in turn results in dangerous infection. These bacteria mainly come from urine and feces.

There are other factors such as infrequent diaper change, not cleaning the pelvic area properly, over-tightened diapers result in such rashes and infections. But the face here is, these rashes and infections are born from the dirt bits of unlearned diapers. This is why it’s so important to clean a diaper properly. Otherwise, your baby may have to suffer a lot.

How to know that it’s Time to Throw a Cloth Diaper:

As mentioned earlier, you can use the same cloth diaper for up to three years if you can clean and use it properly. However, if you are using the same diaper as frequently as once a week then you will probably be able to use the diaper for 6 to 9 months.

But you may need to throw away the diaper even before that. You already know what damages a diaper can cause if not properly used. So obviously you consider it important to throw away the diaper when it expires. But how will you know that you can’t use the diaper any longer?

There are certain apparent traits that will make you realize that it’s time for you to throw the diaper away. Look out for the following signs that indicate the expiration of a cloth diaper.

1. The most apparent indication that you must throw away a cloth diaper immediately is when you notice that it’s leaking. If properly put on the diaper shouldn’t leak. But if it somehow loses its absorbency or has any defect it will leak resulting in a mess.

2. The fabric of the cloth diapers will wear off with time. The fabric material of cloth diapers will break down with each wash. Even if you don’t use detergent to clean the diaper, it will still damage the diaper, but slowly. You will notice the changes in the color of the fabric. Once you notice that the diaper doesn’t quite look like it used to you will also feel the difference when you touch the fabric of the diaper.

3. The elastic won’t be as strong as before. It will feel loose around the baby’s waist and is most likely to be inclined to fall off.

These are the strongest signs that tell you that a cloth diaper is useless. When your baby’s cloth diaper has these features don’t hesitate to throw it away immediately.


With the high price of diapers and the environmental issues cloth diaper has become a popular choice of conscious parents. But using a cloth diaper isn’t the same as using a regular diaper. Nor is it similar to normal fabric wearable. Its maintenance requires a different approach and from this article, you have probably gotten a clear idea of it. If you keep these things in mind and apply it properly then you will be able to keep the cloth diaper clean of poop and give your baby a happy healthy childhood.


1. What can you use to wash a cloth diaper?

Ans: Using detergent powder and soda in warm water to wash cloth diapers can show an effective result. Soda removes odors and stains while detergent powder maintains the quality of the fabrics while cleaning them as well. But never use vinegar or bleach. It will completely destroy the diaper.

2. How often can you wash cloth diaper?

Ans: If the diaper gets dirty with poops you will definitely need to wash it immediately. You can wash the diaper as frequently as three days a week. But you must remember that the diaper loses its absorbency with each wash.

3. How to remove poop stains from cloth diapers?

Ans: To effectively remove poop stain from diaper you can wash the diaper with stain remover and place it in the sun for 2-3 hours. The hydrogen peroxide will mix with water and dissolve the most stubborn stains.

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