Most Necessary Cloth Diaper Accessories

As a parent, it is natural that you will want the very best for your kid. Balancing between your baby’s comfort and your own comfort can be hard when it comes to cloth diapering. Thankfully when you are using button cloth diapers, you will not have to compromise at all. With built-in button snaps and interchangeable inserts, your cloth diapering will get much easier than you can even imagine. But, along with the diapers, you will also need some cloth diaper accessories to make the whole journey even more convenient.

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Now, you might be wondering that accessories will cost you a lot of money as well. Cloth diapering is supposed to be cheaper than regular diapering, then why should you spend more money accessories?

Well, to answer this question, these accessories are needed when you are using disposable diapers as well. It’s not a cloth diaper thing only. Plus, the money you will be spending annually on only disposable diapers is twice as much. So, you will be able to save up a huge sum of money even after spending on cloth diapers and its accessories.

Now, let’s look at all the must-have cloth diaper accessories that will make your cloth diapering journey more fun, convenient, and easy.

Table of Contents

1. Diaper pails:

Diaper pails are basically trash cans. However, regular trash cans do not have the ability to lock all the odor produced by diapers. Diaper pails are trash cans designed specifically to hold soiled diapers and their smell inside. After a cloth diaper is soiled, you can throw it to a diaper pail. It will hold the odor and dirt inside. These stay inside the house just like a trash can. These are not portable.

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2. Hanging wet bags or wet/dry bags:

Hanging wet bags or wet/dry bags: Hanging wet bags are just like diaper pails except it comes with a snap closure and you will have to snap and hang it to a door or to your baby’s carrier. These are made of water-resistant materials which means your soiled and wet diapers will stay inside the bag without it soaking up. It will also hold up the smell inside. A wet/dry bag also does the job of a wet bag. But these also have pockets to store dry diapers inside. The dry and wet compartments are separated by zippers. These are a necessity when you are traveling outside. Since these are waterproof and odor proof, you can just throw the soiled diapers inside while storing your dry diapers in the dry compartment. These are lightweight and portable friendly.   

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3. Diaper sprayer:

A diaper spray is a very necessary cloth diaper accessories. It is a bottle filled with water and cleaning agents to moisten up cloth diapers. Some people prefer using distilled water in a plastic bottle instead of buying it. Some prefer buying diaper sprays.

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4. Inserts:

Diaper inserts are a must if you are using insertable cloth diapers. These increase the absorbency of cloth diapers. There are many types of inserts. Each has a different level of absorbency. Cotton inserts are quite absorbent. Hemp inserts are more absorbent and durable than cotton one’s. These are made of anti-bacterial fabric and trimmed.  There are other inserts made with different materials as well. For example, fleece, microfiber, bamboo, etc.  

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5. Diaper liners:

These are a last-minute solution if you are running out of clean cloth diapers. These are mostly made out of fleece and sold in rolls. Even if you are not running out of clean diapers and just want an extra layer of protection to keep your baby’s bottom dry, just use one on top of the insert or directly under your baby’s butt.

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6. Diaper cream:

It does not matter which type of diaper user you are. Disposable diapers or cloth diapers, all types of users have to change every few hours. However, before you change them, your child sits on the wet substance for quite a long time. This can lead to rashes, irritation, and itching. To prevent this, using a diaper balm or cream or ointment is a must. Its antibacterial properties will make sure it’s free from bacteria, rashes, and itching. This one is a must-have to keep your child’s skin is moisturized, soft, and secure.

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7. Boingo/ snaps:

As you can tell by the name, these are snap closures. If you are using diapers that do not come with snaps, these are a must-have. Instead of using safety pins and clips, it is wise to use these. These are tri-cornered snaps that hold on to the fabric of the diaper like hair clips except these are safer and children friendly. However, if you choose buttons cloth diapers, you will not need these. Buttons cloth diapers come with buttons that act as snaps, hence there will be no need for extra snaps.

8. Diaper detergents:

Detergent is a most necessary cloth diaper accessories. A lot of people like to use regular detergent. However, regular detergents are made of a lot of chemicals while baby detergents are made of fewer chemicals. Washing diapers with baby detergents will allow it to be more delicate to your baby’s skin.

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9. Clip hangers:

This one might look a little odd to you. But trust me when I say this, a clip hanger is going to make your cloth diapering journey way more convenient and less hassle-free. A lot of the wet bags you are going to use needs to be air-dried. A clip hanger is going to be one handy accessory that is going to help you air dry your baby’s cloth diapers and wet bags.

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There are a lot of myths regarding cloth diapering on the internet. However, once you start doing it, you will realize how convenient your life will become. Although, without proper research, you can feel a little confused. There are a lot of sources of what you need to make your diapering experience better, but at the end of the day, you will be taking the decision of what to use or not. Hopefully, this list of must-have cloth diapers accessories will help you to make your cloth diapering experience better.  

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